as of lately it’s hard for me to enjoy the happy moments in my life. Why? Because in my lifetime whenever I had a joyous, happy moment, i get shot down right after. and I’m not even some stupid emotional teenager who gets sad because my parents didn’t let me go out one night, i genuinely just get shot down multiple times. There have been very good time periods within my life that I’ve tried to enjoy to the fullest, and right after i get nothing but straight kicks to my chest kicking me all the way back down. everytime I feel like i’m comfortable in life and happy, something completely unexpected throws me down. it’s changed my view on everything, the trust i have in people, and my general mindset when trying to have a good time. i’m cautious, very cautious, because in the end it’s me, myself, and i. 

Trust nobody. Trust yourself and only yourself.

the most admirable quality of a good friend is when they are the same person they were in middleschool, freshmen year, and now. It’s so rare but something so good to see.

and its times like this where i remember exactly what i dont want to remember